JfMods is the name of my minecraft mod development project.
Under this banner, I have created several advanced minecraft mods, some of which are showcased below.
You can download my user-ready mods from Modrinth and CurseForge.
Some additional experimental and unfinished projects and the source code of the above are available on GitLab.


Have you ever downloaded VanillaTweaks and thought that instead of several variations,
a single pack with an in-game config screen would be more comfortable?
The same is true for vanilla shaders using standard resource packs
and more advanced data packs, which might want to provide options just like mods can.
Respackopts allows all that with configurable resource filtering and expansion,
defined through a simple JSON-based config representation and pleasant UIs for the user.
Documentation can be found here

Small Utilities

Most of my mods are small utilities that serve a single purpose and are intended as QoL additions.
Below, I have listed some of them.


Inceptum is my minecraft launcher.
It allows representing modpacks as metadata only, without the need for importing.
This makes syncing a pack with a repository exceptionally easy.
It also provides a simple UI for mod management including updates from Modrinth and CurseForge,
Importing and Exporting from and to other popular formats and support for running as a headless server starter.
Be aware that it is still lacking in other aspects, though I hope that features like this will be implemented elsewhere as well.
Documentation is available here


LibJF is my library mod. It is at the core of all my other modifications and provides several innovative features.
Documentation is available here.
Among others, it provides

JfMods Scripts

The JfMods Scripts are a set of gradle/GitLab CI scripts that make developing mods easier.
They automate versioning, changelogs, publishing to Maven, Modrinth and CurseForge,
syncing a description, deduplicate the build scripts and take the pain out of developing more than a few mods at a time.
I honestly recommend that other developers should take a look at them, even if just for copying.
You can find them here